【原文執筆・全英訳】Putin control the destination of Syria affairs by Sochi talks ”Adana agreement”. Changed power relationship

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ソチ会談「アダナ合意」でシリア情勢の命運を手中にするプーチン 塗り替えられる勢力抗争図

Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talks in south Russia, Sochi. October 22 2019. Syrian civil war passed more than 8 years after it broke out. and then it have been more and more confusing by Turkish military intervention nowadays.
Kurdish “Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF)” and “People’s protection Unit (YPG)” compromised to withdraw from Manbij and Tal Rifat. So Putin and Erdogan reached an “Adana agreement”.
Kurdish new guarantor is completely transferred from the U.S. to Russia.
On same day, the U.S. and Turkey ceasefire expired after the U.S. vice president Mike Pence and Erdogan forced to agree ceasefire less than 2 hours.


Kurdish troops called “terrorist” by not only Turkey and Russia but also pre-allied the U.S.(トルコにもロシアにも、同盟国だった米国からも「テロ組織」と呼ばれるクルド人部隊)

The point of “Adana agreement” quoted by south Turkey, Adana city was…
・Starting noon of October 23, 2019,Russia military police and Syrian border guards will enter the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border.

・though outside the area of Operation Peace Spring, Russia and Turkey reach the agreement that the removal of YPG elements and their weapons from the Turkish-Syrian
border, which should be finalized in 150 hours.

・Then October 29, both of Russian and Turkish patrol would start inside the east and west of the area of Operation Peace Spring except Qamishli city.

Concretely “terrorist” All YPG elements and their weapons will be removed from Manbij and Tal Rifat.

「AlJazeera」が報じた「アダナ合意」声明文に“terrorism”との表記があることはまだ理解できる。しかし、「CNN」の報道になぜ”the YPG that is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey and US.”と”US”=「米国」も入ってくるのがどうにも解せない。

【Discussion point1】

Why are Kurds called “terrorist” by not only Turkey and Russia but also pre-allies the U.S., and EU?(トルコにもロシアにも、同盟国だった米国からも「テロ組織」と呼ばれるクルド人部隊)

Syrian affairs is suggested such a complicated power relationship figure by KJ method.
Russia and Iran strongly supported Syria president Bashar al Assad. Turkey have cooperation relationship with Russia. then the U.S. had positively supported with Kurdish “YPG”,”SDF” political party “PKK” and “PYD” belongs to. Turkey had warned the Kurdish under the U.S. security deterrent umbrella, which have positive hostile relationship with Turkey before.
Russia and Iran had applied pressure Turkey the U.S. president Donald Trump early withdrawal Because Turkey has neutral relationship with U.S.. But to Turkey’s key factor is removal Kurdish with the U.S. security deterrent umbrella. Putin has concerned about if European Union (EU) Syrian refugee crisis causes Russian unable to remain neutral relationship with EU, therefore Putin inner want to keep cooperation relationship with Erdogan. The U.S. puppet government Israel also have positive hostile relationship with Assad administration. The power relationship figure is changed the very now.


as Turkey aims from beginning Turkey incursion has made “safety zone” in Tell Abiad and Ras Al Ain and Turkey will intend to repatriate about 360 million Syrian refugees(asylum Seekers) Turkey has from its dominance to Turkey-Syria border’s 2 towns few by few.

🔷【Discussion point2】extremely question How does Turkey think make about 360 million Syrian refugees(asylum seekers) resettled from Turkey to narrow 2 towns, Tell Abiad and Ras Al Ain???


If is the Warped human rights consciousness utilized, that is violation of international humanitarian law(歪んだ人権意識が自衛権を発動することに利用されたら国際人道法違反)

If so, what has Turkey had problem about 360 million Syrian asylum Seekers have been fleeing till now?

This year Turkey’s economy has come under increasing pressure. So far in 2019,the currency has plummeted, inflation has soared, and unemployment has risen to more than 14%.An increasing number of Turks believe that Syrian refugees are taking their jobs and that their government is spending excessive resources on services for Syrians.
Therefore Discrimination and racism against Syrian refugees ferment social climate.
Before the system doesn’t grant Syrians the full right of access to the labor market in 2016.but nowadays Syrians have opened businesses in Turkey; more than 7,000 companies are formally registered by Syrians.
At the background, the end of July 2019, “France 24” coverage a series of case that Syrian refugee owner’s barbershop at Istanbul was attacked by Turks throwing stones.
The owner is Syrian asylum seekers fled from Aleppo in Syria to Turkey 6 years ago.
The barbershop is classified Turkish labor class business was damaged by Turks hate crime.


October 1st 2019, Ylva Johansson EU commissioner candidate was recalled European Parliament hearing. And it had a question and answer session about immigrant and refugees politics problem. At that time, the Dutch politician, (Martina Hermina Antonia)Tineke Strik who was a member of the Senate for GreenLeft asked Johansson on “Turkey has threaten Syrian asylum seekers. Hundreds of them were repatriated.”
Hundreds of Syrians have possibility to be repatriated into civil war central dangerous areas including northwest Syria, Idlib.
According to the part of my resource, Erdogan lost a local self-government’s the party in power side vote and fell in unstable political affairs.
At One point of view, sovereign local error cause repatriate Syrian refugees.

In Turkey at the capital, Istanbul, one of NGO aid worker for Syrian refugees(Asylum Seekers)for long time said ”I often heard Syrian refugees have been treated discriminatively but on the other hand, Turks often supported Syrians. but the fact is little known by the world. Repatriation episodes have been heard since 2012. Especially if Syrian refugees rioted, they were sometimes repatriated. but I didn’t know normally living Syrians are repatriated. Recently Syrian’s squabble cause police case, therefore there is the occasion they are repatriated.”

If the resource information is real, Based on Non- refoulement principle, from the first, the Refugee Treaty article 33 (1) prohibited to exile refugees definitely. This article 33(1) protected refugees with interests protected by law. Generally speaking, international law, the Refugee Treaty must protect interests protected status by law.

But Nowadays, Erdogan behavior made bad use of exception the treaty article 32 clause 1 “if the state’s stable order is threaten, Refugees can be exiled. Add that information resource said “squabble” riot cause article32(1)definition made bad use of exile ,in short, repatriation. If that is true, so much the serious situation.
This is International law “Lex Specialis”. Then the Protection Refugees Treaty is suggested to change warped human rights protection bill, isn’t that?

Tokyo Foreign language (gaikokugo) university professor, Kenji Isezaki explained “On the purpose for the minimum necessary state’s defense, even no one word is written on The outbreak of war bill(jus ad bellum), UN Charter of article 51 [self defense].persistently on the purpose for saving the counter state’s human rights, Minimum necessary attack must execute as a warfare bill(jus in bello) international humanitarian law limited. That suggests the very jus in bello. the violation of human rights can’t make the war broken out.
When achievement of the testimony duty, the state can execute the right of self-defense first time. Turkish military intervention is inside Syria territory and function of administration. So the situation can be said “the warfare” But the U.S. forces stationed in Syria withdraw, so can also say “Gray zone situation”. Past time Trump administration launched Syria Tomahawk missiles 40 warheads, the U.S. wasn’t attacked by Syria. The situation couldn’t require Individual self-defense. That’s extremely serious violation of jus ad bellum. Israel has attacked and killed people, more than the U.S., unless Israel permanently have been attacked, that’s the very violation of International law.
Only human rights problem can achieve “self defense” is when United Nation picks up the affairs and cope with so many foreign countries together by PKO.”

10月1日、欧州評議会でスウェーデンのユヴァ・ヨハンソン欧州連合(EU)委員候補が公聴会に召喚され、移民・難民政策について質疑応答が行われた。この際、オランダの政治家でマルティナ・エルミナ・アントニア・ストライク グリーンズのための欧州議会メンバーは「トルコでシリア庇護希求者が脅威となり、数百人が強制送還された」点について質疑した。数百人ものシリア人たちは戦場の中心地となっているシリア本国のイドリブ県を含む戦場危険地帯にまで強制送還された可能性がある。


 だが、今般エルドアン氏が行なっているのは例外規定の難民条約第32条1項“締約国は「国の安全または公の秩序を理由とする場合」には難民を追放することができる”を利用していることになる。しかも情報筋が語るように「喧嘩レベル」の騒動で発動しているならなおさら深刻な事態であろう。これは国際法の「特別法優位の原則(lex specialis)」で難民保護条約が歪んだ人権保護法へと変質してしまっていることを示していることになりはしまいか?

 東京外国語大学大学院の伊勢崎賢治教授は「必要最小限度の国家の防衛で開戦していいとは、開戦法規(jus ad bellum)を指す国連憲章第51条『自衛権』には一言も書いていない。あくまでも交戦規定(jus in bello)として相手国の人権を守るために必要最小限の攻撃をしなくてはならないという国際人道法が制限する交戦法規のことを指す。人権侵害では戦争は引き起こせない。武力攻撃を受けたという証明義務を果たす時、初めて自衛権が発動できる。トルコの軍事介入はシリア領内であり、行政権もあり交戦状態だと言える。しかしトルコを通じて駐留していた米軍も撤退してしまったグレーゾーンの状態だ。過去にトランプ政権がトマホークミサイルを40発シリアに撃ち込んだ時、米国はシリアから攻撃を受けていなかった。個別的自衛権が成り立たない。極めて深刻な開戦法規の違反だ。それ以上に恒常的に武力攻撃を受けていないのに、国際法に明白に違反しているのがイスラエルだと言える。人権問題が自衛権を成り立たせるのは唯一、国連がその事態を取り上げてPKOで諸外国と共に対応しようとする時だけだ」と解説した。

In Recent years, relations with Syrian rebel groups have significantly deteriorated and clashes between Pentagon backed Kurds and formally CIA backed insurgents supported by Turkey have broken out.
Even “ceasefire” agreement reaching with expire, Turkey unilateral military intervention northeast Syria. The pre-predicted increasing Syrian refugees situation is so serious.


According to Latest OCHA(Un office for the Coordination Humanitarian Affairs) fact sheet, Turkey’s incursion cause the fighting on 18 October, hostilities continued to be reported in Ras Al Ain. At a Result On 19 October, evacuated 30 injured people and 4 bodies ferom Ras Al Ain to Roj Hospital in Tal Tameer and Farman Hospital in Quamishli city, Al -Hassakeh governorate.
Turkey-Syria border near Ras Al Ain, Mabruka camp now under control of the Turkish affiliated forces.so remaining 14 families currently stranded there. OCHA made efforts are on going to relocate them from Maburuka camp to Southern Areesheh camp.
The mission to repair Allouk water station , that serves over 400 thousand people in Al-Hasakeh city, was successful with water restored to the affected population on 19 October.
More than176,400 people , including around 74,000 children, have been displaced from Al-Hasakeh, Ar-Raqqa and Aleppo governorates. And then also reported 18,500 people have returned to their places of origin(2,500 to Quamishli city in Al Hasakeh and 16,000 to Tal Abiad in Ar-Raqqa governorate).
As of 20 October, 3,122 people were crossing the border into Iraq through the informal points nearby Sahela and Alwaleed village from northeast Syria-Kobani, Amoda and Qamishly and surrounding villages. new arrivals, Syrian Asylum Seekers have been transported to Bardarash refugee camp, some 150km east of Syria-Iraq border.
As of only 7 days, U.N. estimated 166,000 Syrian Refugees.
On 20 October, the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) announced the withdrawal of their forces from Ras Al Ain.
On 23 October, totally WHO announced about 180 thousand people were internal displaced people(IDPs) in Syria.


On 10 October, at EU Press Stakeout on Syria, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the U.N. Jürgen Schulz ambassador said “we hope Turkey to keep protecting civilians as the state of the protection Syrian refugees, and sustainable humanitarian aid for them. Military Forces never resolve Syria civil war.” And then “Genuine resolution measure is immediately transfer Syrian Assad administration. moreover Never spoiled U.N. Geneva peace negotiation process’s efforts Syria government took part in, with based on UNSC Resolution 2254 and 2012 year’s Geneva communique, that is absolutely wanted each parties.” Schulz ambassador emphasized.


Trump triggers twice and became a loser of the power balance between the U.S. and Russia(米露パワーバランスの敗者となる2つのトリガーを引いたトランプ)

The U.S. president Donald Trump was green lighting Kurdish on Syrian affairs “that’s not our problem.” Trump triggered twice opportunity. Originally, the discovery of “Ukraine scandal” opportunity gave speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi investigating Ukraine for impeachment against Trump. that is the first trigger. Former comedian and Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky annoyed endless problems between Pro-Russian and Pro-U.S.-European at east Ukraine with Russian war. Then Zelensky wanted the U.S. army assistance.
Therefore American journalism started to investigative coverage Trump focused on losing his position as the second “Russia gate” everyday by splitting hairs like Zelensky’s joining Trump to slander his political enemy.
Trump compelled journalism’s suspicious eyes to doubt Hunter Biden whose Father is 2020 U.S. Presidency the biggest rival the Democrat candidate, former vice president, Joe Biden. Trump shift the responsibility for Whether His son works for an Ukraine natural gas company, Burisma Holdings acts illegally or not.
Trump urged his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate Joe Biden’s son.
But the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was widely derided for not doing enough to root out corruption and there were no active probes into Burisma when he was ousted.
But at the process, Journalism criticized skeptically whether Biden urged Ukraine to fire a prosecutor in order to help his son by pressure because Biden thought to prevent the case from threaten biggest 2020 presidential.

But Both Journalism and Pelosi led the Democrat to target Trump is clear. Afterward investigating Trump also just repelled Trump said “All doubt thing is Biden’s responsibility.”
But A “Fox News Poll” from early October, found Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would both defeat Trump by more than 10 points and confront fact publicly.

On the other hand, Zelensky weaken in the homeland and internationally. So he is no choice but dealing with Russia president Putin to get more transparent highly and support poll back.


But Both Journalism and Pelosi led the Democrat to target Trump is clear. Afterward investigating Trump also just repelled Trump said “All doubt thing is Biden’s responsibility.”
But A “Fox News Poll” from early October, found Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would both defeat Trump by more than 10 points and confront fact publicly.

On the other hand, Zelensky weaken in the homeland and internationally. So he is no choice but dealing with Russia president Putin to get more transparent highly and support poll back.

しかしペロシ下院議長率いる民主党も米メディアも狙いはあくまでトランプ氏なことは明白だ。トランプ氏はその後の追及も「全てはバイデン氏のやったことだ」と反発している。しかし「FOX NEWS poll」の下馬評を見れば、バイデン候補と同民主党のバーニー・サンダース、エリザベス・ウォレン両候補が10ポイント以上の差をつけてトランプ氏を下すファクトが突きつけられている。

The second trigger, In early October, Trump floated the idea of readmitting Turkey to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. and then offer was contingent on Erdogan not invading northern Syria.
But the offer rejected . afterward Turkey invaded…
The episode Washington post coverage, gave a hint which was to be developed later.
In early July, Erdogan accepted a shipment of S-400 anti aircraft missiles from Russia.
When Trump green lighting Kurdish, Russia foreign minister Sergey Lavrov was flying into Kurdish territory to meet with Kurdish senior officials.
Kurdish leaders quickly announced their new deal.
That’s the very Trump’s second trigger.
If Turkey military intervention to northeast Syria, Trump considered “to be off limits” in northern Syria, then betray the Kurds and abandon despite Trump has backed till now. then he will have deep relationship with NATO and the trade partnerships because of bigger economic merit.
Trump is the very deal man. Unexpected action can be all explanation by “the U.S. first” the U.S. top economic priority by itself.

In Syrian affairs historically the U.S. always betray Kurdish. Now the U.S. betrayed again. even when Trump decided to withdraw one thousand U.S. troops Stationed in Syria, Trump commanded U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper that some of U.S. troops remains temporarily in Syria to protect oil fields from ISIS.
In spite of breaking the promise of ceasefire agreement between the U.S. and Turkey, U.S. vehicles were pelted with rotten potatoes and tomatoes by Syrian-Kurdish people to back home. Iraqi people threw stone against the U.S. vehicles on the way.

At Syrian-Turkish border Ras al-Ain town Turkey invades intervention military, Kurdish troop, SDF and YPG fight back hardly.
Actually “Reuters” correspondent coverages The Kurdish -led Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) has described the U.S. decision as a stab in the back , Spearheaded by the Kurdish YPG militia, the SDF has been a major part of the U.S. led campaign against Islamic States(IS). Then The Kurdish and SDF became embroiled with angry in a dispute over that.
“we may hold talks with Damascus or the Russian side to fill the void or block the Turkish attack, so this may develop and there could be meetings and contacts in case of a vacuum. ”the Kurds side said at first they knew the U.S. betrayal again.

The SDF previously charged Turkey or the Turkish backed rebel groups Free Syrian Army(FSA) with blocking the evacuation of their civilians.
But Aid worker David Eubanks of the Free Burma Rangers, who was witnessed northeast Syria, Ras Al-Ain “we have been trying to days – finally a humanitarian corridor opened and we were surprised. Free Syrian Army(FSA) checkpoint let us pass and we directly into the hospital, evacuated 37 and some of the dead.” Eubanks spoke to CNN in a phone interview.




Why Kurdish Party “Syrian Democratic Council” went to Washington D.C.? at that time how about Russia…?(なぜクルド政党「シリア民主評議会(SDC)」はD.C.に渡航?その時ロシアは…)

Turkey Defense Minister Hulusi Akar criticized SDF. But little recognized Kurdish political Party “Syrian Democratic Council” SDF belongs to, compared to “PKK”, the Kurdish SDC leader Ilham Ahmed went to Washington D.C. for meetings with officials from Trump administration and others on the future of Northern Syria. But Ilham reverse aroused Trump administration’s anger. The U.S. media coverage.
But why would Ilham try to rely on the U.S.?
Trump betrayed Kurdish by deal negotiation with Erdogan “Syrian affairs (Kurdish has faced for long time) was no relationship with us.” at that time, Esper said the ceasefire ”generally seems to be holding.” But he would not say who was committing those violations on his way to homeland by airplane. the U.S. historically have betrayed Kurdish again and again.

Reverse, Putin immediately started to negotiate with Kurdish for agreement to play role of intervention.
As Kurdish side predicts, Kurdish reach the agreement with Syria Bashar al-Assad army. Syrian army joined Northeast Syria, Kurdish “SDF” and “YPG” base camp area.
In 2018, for 2 months Turkish army and pro Turkish Syria rebel militias “Free Syrian Army(FSA)” had attacked north Afrin and controlled the area past time.

So that the agreement statement between Syrian army and Kurdish was to resist this time Turkey incursions, and for release the areas Turkish army and foreign troops invaded” Putin decided to dispatch Syrian army all Syrian-Turkish borders to support SDF.
Largely, Turkish ground troop including Syrian rebel militias, many of them hardline Islamists whom the Kurds fear could unleash a campaign of ethnic cleansing against minority.

Syrian government forces and the rebels allied with Ankara also have an ax grind with one another after all the atrocities committed during the devastating more than 8 years civil war.
Despite Putin understanding such a dangerous situation, Moscow has been propelled into with its new leadership role.
So Putin commanded Russia-Allie Syrian government forces to advance on original Kurdish territory.
Moreover Moscow also quickly deployed its own military with Russian flag.
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said “we tried to draw attention for many years to the explosive policies of the U.S. and headed for the collapse of Syria and the creation of quasi-state formations on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, pushing Kurds to separatism and confrontation with Arab tribes.”
The Kremlin voiced extreme doubts about Turkey’s ability to keep a lid on the thousands of ISIS prisoners and their relatives that the Kurds had been guarding.

On the other hand, Putin concerns and wants for former Russian ISIS members to go back to the Caucasus region, concretely Emarat Kavkaz to control “necessary evil” for unstable region.
At the Commonwealth of Independent States forum in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, Putin warned other Russian allied states leaders” if when hundreds of militants and thousands of insurgents come to CIS countries, this is a real threat to us. How and Where will they head?”

Add to even arch-enemies Israel and Iran seem to agree that the road to making sure their interests are met runs through Russia.
You go on reading here, Putin may seem to be like a victor bringing the Middle East peace in Syria civil war.
But we never forget following the fact.

 トルコのフルシ・アカル国防相は SDFを非難したが、「クルディスタン労働党(PKK)」に比べあまり知られていないSDF直属の政党「シリア民主評議会(SDC)」のイルハム・アフメド代表はワシントンD.C.に渡航しトランプ政権の高官と北部シリアの将来について討議する場を持つため会談し逆に怒りを買ったと報じられた。

At the beginning of 2017 BBC exclusive interview with Syria president Bashar al-Assad.
Assad said calmly “I am fighting terrorist “ISIS” for justice to be done.”
But Actually in Syria civil war, Assad killed the most many civilians and aid workers.
The fact is the very clear that 92.92%, 188,729 of the total killing of 203097 at the hands of the influential parties in Syria is killed by Assad government forces, according to the statistics of “The Syrian Network For Human Rights”(March 2011~November 2016).
Recent only 2018, the number of 4162 of total civilian death toll 6964 is killed by Assad army. The fact is well known.
The very Syrian government force have kept using chemical weapon civilians after the U.S., British and France coalition air strike Production base facility of chemical weapon “Syria Scientific Research Center(SSRC)” during doubt of usage of chemical weapon at Duma in 2018.
And then this Turkey military intervention still have kept using civilian chemical weapon.
Denying the fact severely is the very Russia president Putin.

 だが、実際にはシリア内戦で、アサド氏こそが最多の民間人やエイドワーカーを殺戮している。「The Syrian Network For Human Rights」の統計(2011年3月〜2016年11月)からも殺害された全民間人のうち92.92%の188,729人がシリア政府軍による犠牲者が出ていることが分かる。直近の2018年だけでも全民間人犠牲者数6964人のうち、4162人がアサド政府軍に殺害されてきたという数字は周知の事実だ。そのシリア政府軍はあの2018年ドゥーマの化学兵器使用疑惑事件時に、米英仏によって空爆された化学兵器製造拠点だった「シリア科学調査研究センター(SSRC)」爆破後も、民間人に化学兵器を使った。そして今回のトルコ軍事介入でも未だに化学兵器を使用し続けている。それを強烈に否定し続けているのもロシアのプーチン氏なのだから。

The history of Syria Scientific Research Center(SSRC) chemical weapon development(シリア科学調査研究センター(SSRC)の化学兵器開発史)

SSRC was established in 1971. While it performs civilian duties.one of its primary functions is
To oversee Syria’s chemical weapon and missile programs, Due to its involvement in these activities, the SSRC has been publicly sanctioned by the governments of Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland and the.U.S..The organization was also recommended for sanctions in a draft U.N. Security Council resolution in February 2017. The resolution was vetoed by Russia and China.

According to a recent report in the French investigative journal ”Mediapart”, which was based on interviews with exiled SSRC scientists,the SSRC also received support for chemical weapon development from entities in west Germany.in the 1970s and early 1980s, Syrian chemists trained at university labs and research centers in German. In the late 1980s, Armenia also provided assistance, including a formula for VX nerve agent and a supply of VX precures. SSRC was soon producing VX at a secret underground site.
It was clear Recently that this SSRC has been procurement from not only Syria dominant, Iran, AEU, Lebanon, North Korea and China, but also France and Canadian private chemical industries.
In Short, the main chemical weapon SSRC developed to produce in Syria were 3.
1st ,underground subway sarin case(1995), Japanese Aum Shinrikyo used, which shook the world, sarin.
2nd,VX used in Kim Jong Nam killing case(2017).
3rd, Russian KGB’s usual practice ”Mustard gas.”
When Syria government forces was doubt of using chemical weapons April 2018,Alexander Rodinov of the Russian military’s chemical weapons protection unit said its experts found chlorine and components for producing mustard gas at a rebel laboratory in Douma.
UN investigative mechanism and OPCW acted as JIM(Joint Investigative Mechanism)to SSRC which has played role was destroyed by the U.S. led coalition air strikes. After that, in stead of SSRC, something what rooted with Syria and what kind of foreign industry cooperated to keep procuring, is such situation remains now?


 国連調査メカニズムと化学兵器禁止機関(OPCW)が合同調査団(JIM:Joint Investigative Mechanism)として活動したシリア科学調査研究センター(SSRC)が担った役割を米英仏の空爆壊滅後も代替するネットワークか何かがシリアに根付いており、外国産業が物資調達協力をし続けている現状があるのか。

“I couldn’t help regarding that was a farce got up by Syria Assad regime backed by Russia.
Everybody could find clearly that UN Security Council haven’t already had a function. Then actually adopted the resolution draft has been ignored. Despite the usage of barrel bombs and banning air strike the civilian facilities like the hospitals and schools, actually the violation of international law crimes were committed openly. In additional to have been using chemical weapons afterward not achieve to abolish them. “
[the Battlefield journalist Takeshi Sakuragi Twitter (September 20th 2019)]

If Battlefield journalist Takeshi Sakuragi testimony is real fact, people will have kept falling one after another from afterward
If so now, what we should observe and must disclose is the very chemical weapons Syrian government forces have kept using after 2018.

It was commonly accepted if chemical weapons were used, there were no traces that the users done. So many verifications were difficult.
In stead of that, we collected evidence so-called trace of disease to make the listing of the used side. Chemical weapons casualties reported the ICC, and legally prove accountability.
5 November 2018, the UN High Representative on Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu briefed. “The Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) and the UN, through a Joint Investigative Mechanism(JIM)” decided to eliminate Syrian chemical weapon mission in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution 2118 (adopted in 2013).
UN panel has attributed over more than 2 dozens chemical weapon attacks including April 2017 and April 2018 to the Assad regime over more than 8 years of the Syrian civil war.
But Assad administration persisted “all Syrian chemical weapons carried chemical weapons out of Syrian territory and abolished them. However the JIM disclosure that the chemical weapons like the Sulfa mustard gas and sarin were used civilians to have attacked at Douma in district in Syria. Then OPCW-inspectors kept “Fact Finding Mission(FFM)” after the JIM broke up, because OPCW testified the suspicious that Assad army backed by Russia conspiracy to have used chemical weapon at Gouta district in Syria in 2017.
The inspectors confirmed two facilities were still currently underway in Bazah and in Jamrayah, despite the U.S. coalition air strike Syria Scientific Research Center (SSRC).
Disputing the facts as presented by the UN disarmament chief, the Russian Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, stated that “chemical stockpiles were withdrawn from Syria under the oversight of the OPCW,” that “the facilities of the former military chemical program has been destroyed” and that ”the inspection measures have become futile.”


27 September 2019,Secretary of State Mike Pompeo concluded that Assad regime used one of chlorine as a chemical weapon. It is not the range of mass destruction weapon’s banned organization to oversee is Toxic gas.
September 2019, UN Assembly, the U.S. Syria envoy Jim Jeffrey said 4 people had been wounded in the May attack. although he declined to elaborate, Washington’s response would be proportionate.
“Given the record of what happens if you use chemical weapons during Trump administration, it’s really hard to believe that somebody would have been foolish enough to
do that without a very high level of clearance,” Jeffrey said.”

Actually, OPCW-FFM Operation has been keeping now.
There were 90 % of victims damaged by chemical weapons, the big scale human rights violation was hundreds, thousands of casualties.
But if not only that cause automatically trial court started, ICC started criminal proceeding, one of “trigger mechanism” was inquired whether “Rome Statute” article 13”execution of jurisdiction”(b)UN Security Council can commit the prosecutors or not.
Concretely…When, Where and What happened? Each one each must be disclosure.
Each one hundred people, or Each one thousand people of casualties must be collected evidence. Only collecting witness testimony and evidence took a lot of time, cost and man power. if the long term’s investigation postpone longer and longer, verification was difficult. Even if International NGO proposes “the report of hearing investigation of the casualties,
It is also difficult for ICC to judge the criminal without the objective proving ability.

OPCW concluded “Report By The Director General Progress In the Elimination Of The Syrian Chemical Weapons Programme” by H.E. Mr. Fernando Arias at the Ninety Second Session Executive Council from 8 to 11 October 2019.
The Declaration Assessment Team (DAT) and the Investigation and Identification Team(IIT), separate 2 team the inspectors entered each concrete regions July, August and October, November 2017.
OPCW inspectors collected information in Kharbit Masasnah, Qalib Al-Thawr, Al-Salamiyah, Yarmouk and Al-Balil and analyzed them.
Then the FFM deployed to the Syrian Arab Republic from 5 to 15 January 2019 to conduct interviews and visit hospitals in Aleppo, and to receive samples provided by the Syrian authorities in Damascus. the Secretariat was analyzing the collected information whether the judge asked about the criminal ability to prove or not. In additional of the biannual inspections of the SSRC after 2018,too.

 9月の国連総会でも米国のジム・ジェフリー シリア特命全権大使は5月の化学兵器攻撃で4人が負傷したと述べた。ジェフリー氏は詳述することを辞退したが、ワシントンの回答はこれに準じたものだったであろう。ジェフリー氏は「もしトランプ政権期中に化学兵器を使用するなら、何が起きたかの記録を全て国連に提供する。非常に高いレベルの信ぴょう性無くしてこのような被害情報提供は十分に行えない。誰が愚かであることになるか信じるのは非常に困難だ」と続けた。


If In Syria something problem occurred, anyone else concerned have looked down on counterpart and take advantage of themselves to send. So even if mass media ”Reuters” coverage “Syria rebel groups used chemical weapon”, Syrian government-controlled media “SANA” sent “Syrian rebel militias never used chemical weapons. possessor such a weapon is Syrian government forces” has been shifting responsibilities, retorted information war consistently.
That’s occurs nowadays same as Turkish military intervention since October. Turkey, the U.S. and EU called Kurdish, YPG and PKK as a terrorists. Those supporters have been using to smear each other not by mass media but by social media, blaming on Turkish military had used chemical weapon during Turkish army’s counter terrorism operation by posting real or fake mixed up photos and videos.
Turkey Defense ministry, Akar repelled very much and reverse warned “terrorism organization is preparing for using chemical weapons”.
But final at guide reading small title, How do Kurdish in Japan recognize about Turkey troops and the Kurdish troops mass media labelled “terrorism organization”, then would bring the readers confusion how to distinguish the average of the real or fake.
Because of appearance of the reality that we should be doubt about rather mass media than social rumor.
Nowadays former Ministry of Foreign Affairs bureaucrat, Ukeru Magozaki takes longer time to check SNS than newspapers, that is the reality.
It is the most importance way of top priority transferring to signs of the times for Diminishing each generations’ digital divides to collect information.
The problem is of course always to keep media literacy and judge about the fact that the principal offender using chemical weapons most many times is Assad administration.
How do we deal justice crushing Assad, How does Syrian Refugees(IDPs・Asylum Seekers)who fell in the casualties by guarantee of the compensation and relief by international to realize.
Then global citizen, each by each bring to move international society resolution by the freedom of expression’s positive effect.


“Syrian Republic of Arabian ” was forced Chemical Weapon of Convention(CWC) to access by United Nation in 2013 but not ratified. and then Syria neither sign nor ratified International Criminal Court(ICC). It was common sense that ICC judged behaviors “War Crimes” was international war which named “international armed conflict” became over the state’s party’s framework.
But CWC Article1(1)(c) wasn’t said appropriate to be applied ICC provision to Syrian ”civil war”. In the case of civil war, it was said to be prohibited state to be applied in related with “dominant executive bill”. Certainly ICC is special criminal court to be able to the right of jurisdiction.
But ICC “Rome Statute” Article 12 provided “the right of jurisdiction” was with same article clause 2 criminal active other states or suspect nationality states were defined on premise condition that they were ICC provisions states directly concerned.
That was commitment by United Nation Security Council as an exception. But Especially, Russia-backed Assad and always exercise the “veto” in Syria. Actually, it is very clear for Syria to be controlled under the right of jurisdiction. And then China was also obstacle to help Syrian economic reconciliation assistance.


“Syrian Republic of Arabian ” was forced Chemical Weapon of Convention(CWC) to access by United Nation in 2013 but not ratified. and then Syria neither sign nor ratified International Criminal Court(ICC). It was common sense that ICC judged behaviors “War Crimes” was international war which named “international armed conflict” became over the state’s party’s framework.
But CWC Article1(1)(c) wasn’t said appropriate to be applied ICC provision to Syrian ”civil war”. In the case of civil war, it was said to be prohibited state to be applied in related with “dominant executive bill”. Certainly ICC is special criminal court to be able to the right of jurisdiction.
But ICC “Rome Statute” Article 12 provided “the right of jurisdiction” was with same article clause 2 criminal active other states or suspect nationality states were defined on premise condition that they were ICC provisions states directly concerned.
That was commitment by United Nation Security Council as an exception. But Especially, Russia-backed Assad and always exercise the “veto” in Syria. Actually, it is very clear for Syria to be controlled under the right of jurisdiction. And then China was also obstacle to help Syrian economic reconciliation assistance.

Would judge the State’s leader, Assad, guarantee relief of casualties and compensation as a war criminal except the violation of ICC Article 8(2)(b)ⅹⅷ[prohibition of using toxic gas weapon] provisions, really realized except under the states controlled.
With A little hope, It was “universal jurisdiction” partly of states adopted in related with “domestic” criminal trial, regardless of the serious or not serious violation of a series of Geneva conventions and the first Additional Protocol, and then regardless where the case occurred and which is suspect’s nationality, ”universal jurisdiction” was suggested the right permitted to be applied, when the person who committed the state’s interpreted broadly the violation of international law’s crime (Genocides, war crimes and the violation of humanitarian crimes) ,was arrested.
Though Switzerland permitted “universal jurisdiction” accompanied by revision of the bill, 2011, there have found the person guilty was only one judicial precedent prosecuted at the latter of 1990’s case, since this jurisdiction was applied till now.
In one hand, ”universal jurisdiction” was many criticized. But Switzerland’s human right NGO “Trial International” and “Civitas Maxima” brought criminal charge against 2 former African Cabinet ministers for suspected War Crimes etc…. then Switzerland federal authorities arrested case. One of them was a former commander of a Liberian rebel military faction, Alieu Kosiah suspect, brought criminal charge by Civitas Maxima Director, Alan Werner said the Switzerland media ”if the public Prosecutor general indicts Kosiah suspect charge at Bellinzona federal criminal court, that would be first international criminal case in the history.”

Based on the above mention, there was 18 June 2018, ICC Pre Trial Chamber 1, whose objective allegation about Rohingya Refugees’ violation of human rights, simultaneously akin to the allegation damaged Syrian Refugees(IDPs) by big scale chemical weapon attack at Douma in Syria April 2018.






「ICC Date- 18 June 2018 PRE-TRIAL CHAMBER I」

It is respectfully submitted that a parallel can be drawn between this situation and that in Syria, in that the use of barrel bombs’, the targeting of hospitals and civilian infrastructure, and the use of chemical weapons, to use just 3 examples, have been used directly to target civilians, with the intention of driving those civilians out of the relevant area.

It is respectfully submitted that the authorities of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh neither possess the will nor the ability to prosecute international crimes arising out of the deportation of the Rohingya people exercising territorial jurisdiction, or any other crime under the principle of universal jurisdiction.

It is respectfully submitted that the situation concerning Syria and Jordan, is akin to that involving Myanmar and Bangladesh which is currently under consideration.


This trial progress would be very severe fight to also Syrian Refugee. At The Pre Trial mainly allegation as the violation of Rohingya Refugees’ human rights case, International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights(hereinafter ICCPR) Article 14”the right to a fair trial”, Article 15”Prohibition of retroactive punishment” and Article 26”Equality and indiscrimination before the law.” Human rights were secured by them. And those were also secured by Article 10 “right to fair trial” and Article 11 “Presumption of innocence and Prohibition of retroactive punishment” of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(hereinafter UDHR). That was pleaded the violation of International Human rights law. The handling of Syrian Refugees was persistently these similar problems including chemical weapon damages.

As long as I searched ICC opened records, here was only one case I found, the report to court about “Syrian Refugees” and “Chemical weapon”(at that point there 28 October 2018 ). Perhaps if there was insider resource’s information, anything else existed.
This case was described “universal jurisdiction” by chance. But In this case “universal jurisdiction” wasn’t the point issue at this pre trial.
It was just merely made reference to the sentence content that Bangladesh International Criminal Tribunal(ICT) domestic established in 2010 and Independent War in 1971.
Syrian Refugees didn’t pose to sue chemical weapon damages, but Syrian Refugees allegations in this pre trial persistently were enforcement to prove similarly as a Rohingya Refugees’ evidence. Rohingya Refugee’s were exiled as Muslim and only insisted the right of civil election in Bangladesh. Only that caused Rohingya Refugees sentenced death penalty.
They pleaded the outrageous at the pre trial. Then by the reason of chemical weapon damages and civil war exiled Syrian Refugee’s fled away to Jordan from Syria as an Asylum seekers. That was placed in the similarity of Rohingya Refugee’s situation.
From OPCW’s inspectors and NGO staffs and prosecutors authority etc… even if only they concluded “the hearing of casualties report”, here was the reality it wasn’t always for the judge to assert clearly objective the responsibility to prove the criminal ability.


In this situation the possibility of Japanese contribution is taking measure of specific of compensation and relief solution. Is that enforced to support, isn’t that?
Since 1995 we payed attention, after UN Assembly adopted, there was the resolution adopted Sixtieth session Agenda item 71(a)on 21 March in 2006. This was more progressed than 1995 one.

That was “Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law and Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law.”

First of all, Recalling the provisions providing a right to a remedy for victims of violations of human rights law found in numerous international instruments, in particular article 8”Remedies for infringement of basic rights” of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 2(3) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, article 6”Relief against human discrimination” of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, article 14”Relief and Reparation” of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and Article 39”Recovery of damaged children and rehabilitation” of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. By those articles were secured International Human Rights law violation.
Second, of International humanitarian Law as found in article 3”violation and Reparation responsibility” of the Hague Convention respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land of 18 October 1907(Convention Ⅳ),article 91”Reparation responsibility” achievement of the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts(ProtocolⅠ)of 8 June 1977, and articles 68”Participation in protection and procedures for victims and witnesses” and article 75”Compensation for victims” of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court(ICC).
We expected the effect of International Justice not to be contrary to accepted standards of International Humanitarian Law’s morality.
In Syria, Assad regime was accustomed to be had intervened directly UN Security Council, Superpower like the U.S. and European countries, or Russia and China which backed Syria.
Add to be Accustomed to have been criticized by International human rights NGO, too.
So Specifying to repatriate of casualty’s relieves, the very that was more effective for Japanese contribution more higher than that. I think.




To be honest, I wanted to say to root out harmful specific only criticize journalism, But that we couldn’t argue social beneficially and about international contribution was more seriously left Japan from whole world new generation’s singularity era.
Before labor class American conservative journalism was watchdog the power era. At contrary to that, Journalist class up white color era was more clinging to the power era than labor class journalism era. in exchange words of Japanese case, like false Yomiuri newspaper Nabetsune journalism.


Thinking about Above mention Switzerland human rights organization criminal charged the case, we hope hearing good news from European countries last year.
The arrests in Germany and France of 3 Syrian intelligence officials suspected of torture were groundbreaking. And then this came on top of the issuance of warrants and filling of dozens of criminal complaints in so many European countries including Sweden and Austria.
In Earlier 2016, at UN Investigation mechanism, person in charge former France judge Catherine marchi Uhel initiative UN had pursued close to criminal charge against Bashar al Assad the brink. The very former judge Uhel was assigned these case now.
But that topics was great deviated from this article’s point. So the details are concede32 in the another article.


“Stop to have repeated the genocide everyday,everyday and everyday!”
Kurdish residents in Japan protested anti war(「毎日毎日、毎日、繰り返されるジェノサイドを止めさせよ!」在日クルド人が反戦デモ)

Immediately after The 19th Storm ”Hagibis” was raging and went the length through the Japan, in the middle of Fukushima’s water disaster zone again.
14th October 2019, at the front of UN university, on rainy day, I heard s Kurdish resident in Japan, Cho-Raku Mamu(40 age・the construction industry). He excitedly kept talking without pausing the breath.
“Free Syrian Army was backed by Turkey and killed Kurdish. It was the terrorist separated from IS! Turish army=IS=Free Syrian Army, everyone had same thinking terrorists! The top of them was Erdogan!!”
Certainly to Kurdish Such thinking was the fact. But mass media would rather have coverage Kurdish armies labelled “terrorists” together. Then I also got the information that Free Syrian Army have rescued the most Syrian civilians and foreigner fighters who have been arrested by Assad regime and been prisoners then be tortured by Assad army. So partly I couldn’t persuade what he said. But as Mr.Mamu said that, to Kurdish above mention organizations and the state was positive relationship with Kurdish armies. But to Syrian civilians and Foreign fighters, the relationship with Syrian army was not. That thinking may be different from such as.
The battle field journalist, Takeshi Sakuragi who has experiments coverage in Syria for long time, could make perfect KJ method figure. I guessed he has coverage so many various stand people not biases.

I asked Mr.Mame if SDF and YPG wanted Syrian army and Russian army, they would be utilized risk higher by Syrian army and Russian one?, Mr.Mame answered “that was only the way of survival!” shouted.



White hair Kurdish resident in Japan, Gorara(40 age) said “Trump tower tied with Erdogan could realize the genocide of Kurdish. I could assert Turkish government haven’t had the policy to pay attention Kurdish.” Past time the Armenian slaughter of Kurdish between Turkish-Armenian, negative historical tragedy, the very nowadays repeated
“everyday, everyday, everyday” by killing Kurdish.5 years ago, what occurred at kobane in Northern Syria (Autonomous Kurdish government) same as occurred again. Iranian killed, Iraqi killed,
Turkish killed, Syrian killed, the U.S. betrayed and deprived Kurdish of money. nobody could survive.”

―What did you hope Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe?
“talk to the world leaders and stop Turkey president Erdogan the genocide. don’t send humanitarian aid materials don’t sell the weapons. Cut all the channel with him.”

―What did you appeal Turkey president Erdogan?
“I am a global citizen. One of people who have alternative idea to UN. UN should stop the genocide right away. UN couldn’t be quiet at this situation. Second, the strong power to the world, NATO should force to stop it by the power. I didn’t have the words I should talk to Erdogan. Because he only took tremendous odd measure, he never made effort to ensure how human should be.”
Mrs. Gorara said in English fluently. In add to have said following.
“EU, Asia and Australia. These countries have the power and voices the countries are mainly continuing to move profitably. that should be the very borderless mercy heart.”

Because of white hair, Mrs. Gorara seems a senior at a glance. Therefore I asked her about a girl, Chyenne(9) with brilliant eyes and smiling “is she your daughter?” with unconsciousness.
“No, she is my daughter.” Mrs. Gorara responded right away.
Compared to Japanese 40’s, Mrs. Gorara’s white hair was conspicuously.
If she dare not to dye her hair, I guessed she spent a life of cares or troublesome.
I was thinking deeply.

22th October 2019, at Japanese new emperor and empress’s “the coronation ceremonial ceremony”, Erdogan who planned to visit Japan, canceled to visit suddenly.
In Japan, government must have disposed the traces of the damage caused by Typhoon.
In Syria, Putin puppets Turkey, utilized Kurdish army, made Israel feared and would grasp the Middle East. the U.S. president Trump had no longer initiative to lead the destination of Kurdish and Syrian Refugees.








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